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Call it an endorsement.  Markos is putting all his nutroots capital behind the IL-3 Democrat primary challenger.


Good luck finding out who is behind these phone calls. The AP story provides some nibbles, but nothing that hooks.

Residents in New Hampshire and Iowa have received phone calls raising questions about Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney, his Mormon faith and the Vietnam War-era military deferments he received while serving as a missionary in France.

Western Wats, a Utah-based company, placed the calls that initially sound like a poll but then pose questions that cast Romney in a harsh light, according to those who received the calls. In politics, this type of phone surveying is called “push polling” — contacting potential voters and asking questions intended to plant a message in voters’ minds, usually negative, rather than gauging peoples’ attitudes.

I’ve got a good idea who’s paying for this push poll.

Update: I added some trackback links. I read the Hotair post from Allah. A Kevin Tracy showed up on the HA trackback. Went over there and found a Huckabee supporter enthusiastic about the push poll and its intentions. You don’t say.

Update 2: Western Wats founder and chairman helped launch the biz school at BYU. And a search of campaign contributions records reveals one Western Wats dialer that has maxed out a primary contribution to Romney. Fork, meet road.

How does a 10 comment post make the front page at Daily Kos?

IL-3 is a hereditary congressional seat.  The Papa Lipinski retired.  The son assumed the position.