How does a 10 comment post make the front page at Daily Kos?

IL-3 is a hereditary congressional seat.  The Papa Lipinski retired.  The son assumed the position.


Nowhere, Alaska located

The bridge to Nowhere, Alaska has a ferry project as well.  Turns out a lot of people in the know everything club own property there.  The mother mucking muckrakers have the details.

Politicians in HD

Marc Ambinder alerts me to more awesomeness. Although, I will sadly miss HD Dan Rather for this one. His hanging chad reports were too good for CBS.

In the midst of a “guest post” for their “Thinksgiving” fund raising drive, readers are not only treated to Senator Teddy Kennedy’s love for Think Progress but also a taste of the truly devoted progressive. I give you pure unadulterated comedy.

I’ve decided. I’m asking for a donation to Think Progress as one of my Christmas presents from my husband.

There’s precedent in my family. I got two donations to for a birthday present in October and one to John Edwards.

Heifer International is another one that gets donations in the name of relatives at Christmas time.

I hope Frosty Cupcake has been nice over naughty this year.

Which blog do I read more often?  I don’t even know.  Probably Think Progress.  Let’s start there.

Conflicting stories on 25 killed in Iraq.

During a 12-hour fire fight north of Baghdad on Tuesday night, 25 armed Iraqis were killed. But local authorities disagree with the U.S. military over who exactly was killed, al Qaeda militants or anti-al Qaeda fighters:

Over at the Jawa Report, they see it differently.

America, F*ck Yeah! 25 al Qaeda Killed in Iraq

Nobody seems willing to take credit for the post at Think Progress.  At least the Jawas sign their expletives.  Advantage: null.

By the way, Google Reader is my new RSS friend.  Google even converts most of the feeds to a WAP friendly version.

This one is a chart topper.

Like Harpers and the Nation before it, Daily Kos is now collecting ad revenue from Big Oil.

O RLY? It sure seems like it.  Click the image for a screen capture.

Sweetness & Light posts the NY Times angle on the case of the disappearing building in Syria.

Bryan over at Hot Air has posted a new video of Jason Mattera of the Young Americans Foundation interviewing Adam Kokesh, an Iraq Veteran and GWU student, about the usage of the term Islamo-fascism.

The final 30 seconds are the best. A resident of the Land of Make Believe will tell you a story.

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